Diagnostic tests

Diagnostic test at Vet at Home 
Diagnostic test at Vet at Home

We can perform the following diagnostic tests

  1. Skin scrapings examination to diagnose mange/mites
  2. SExamination of ear swabs to diagnose bacterial and yeast infection
  3. SComplete Blood Profile to diagnose various systemic diseases
  4. SBlood glucose (and ketones) to diagnose diabetes and hypoglycemia
  5. SFaecal examination
  6. SQuick urine analysis including specific gravity
  7. SFine needle aspiration from external masses
  8. SBlood tests for Heartworm, Parvo virus and viral diseases of cats

If required, these samples may be sent to Vet Path for further diagnostic investigations.

Diagnostic test at Vet at Home

Diagnostic test at Vet at Home

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