Heartworm Injection

Heartworm Injection 
Heartworm problems in pets

Heart worm injection is the easiest and effective way to prevent heart worm infestation as you will not need to remember dates and days as you would if you chose to medicate your dog monthly. If oral protection has been discontinued then there is a risk of contracting Heart Worm infection and your dog will need to be tested before restarting the preventive medication.

Important to know

Heartworm Life Cycle in pets 
Heartworm Life Cycle in pets
  1. Routine heartworm prophylaxis for puppies – start from 6-8 weeks of age with first vaccination.
  2. Dog after the age of 6 months needs to be tested before starting preventive medication
  3. Dogs more than 6 months of age can only be tested for Heart Worm
  4. In case of medication break of 6 months or more, it is essential to test the dog before restarting the medication

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