Lump check

Lump check 
Scrotal Hernia
Lump Problem in Canine 
Lump Problem in Canine

It is important to make sure what kind of lump is affecting your dog. Some lumps, particularly malignant tumours, may be life threatening and they need to be removed as quickly as possible. A lump is a very broad term which includes but is not limited to tumours, abscesses, swelling (soft tissue, bone, and oedema), hernias and foreign bodies. Lipomas are frequently noticed in many dogs on physical examination. Many tumours can grow inside the body cavities, for example masses of liver, heart, intestines, ovary, uterus and prostate. These masses may or may not be felt on palpation of body cavities. VET AT HOME can do fine needle aspiration of external masses only for further diagnosis. Radiography and ultrasound guided biopsy may be required to assess the internal masses.

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