Skin and Ear Problems

Canine Paw Dermatitis in Pet 
Canine Paw Dermatitis in Pet

Major skin problems in dogs around Perth are:

Flea Dermatitis in Pet 
Flea Dermatitis in Pet
  1. Skin Allergies - Mainly due to food, plants, weeds, pollens, insects (cockroaches, fleas, mosquitoes), dust mites and mould
  2. Atopic dermatitis – unknown causes
  3. Mange – Demodex mites are more common than others
  4. Bacterial infections
  5. Fungal infections
  6. Skin cancer
  7. Skin problems associated with systemic diseases

Dr Ram wll assess your pet for all of these problems. Most of these problems may be diagnosed on the basis of history, physical examination and on the spot tests. However some of these may be complicated and may require further tests for an accurate diagnosis. Appropriate treatment will be designed on the basis of the lesion’s nature. Thanks to all of my clients to follow instructions and medication properly. So far we are the most recommended vet to solve skin problems.

Skin and Ear Problems
Skin and Ear Problems
Skin and Ear Problems
Skin and Ear Problems

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