In Home Pet Vaccination Perth

In home pet vaccination perth
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Vaccinating your pet regularly according to the latest guidelines is the best way to keep pets away from deadly and expensive to treatdiseases like Parvo virus, hepatitis and canine distemper in dogs. Please refer to the World Small Animal Veterinary Guidelines, 2010 (Journal of Small Animal Practice, June 2010, vol 51) for details. In general, vaccines have been classified into two categories – core and noncore vaccines. Core Vaccines are recommended vaccines for pets. Noncore vaccines are optional and their use depends upon the pet’s individual circumstances.

Dog Vaccination Perth

A. Core Vaccines of dogs – These are recommended vaccines.

  1. Canine Parvo Virus
  2. Canine Distemper Virus
  3. Infectious Canine Hepatitis Virus

Vaccination Schedule* (May vary according to manufacturer)

Puppy Vaccination

  • 1st Vaccination – 6-8 weeks of age
  • 2nd Vaccination – 10- 12 weeks of age
  • 3rd vaccination – 14-16 weeks of age - Optional
  • Booster – At the age of one year
  • Revaccination – Every three year/annual

Adult Vaccination

  • 16 weeks or more of age (non vaccinated adult or unknown vaccination) Administer 2 doses at 4 weeks interval. Booster and revaccination is same to Puppy vaccination.

Non Core Vaccines

  • These vaccines are recommended but not compulsory. Although they protect dogs from important and highly contagious infections like kennel cough. In Australia we vaccinate our dogs mainly against Kennel cough (caused by the bacterium Bordetenella bronchiseptica and Para influenza virus) and Leptospirosis.

Kennel Cough Vaccination

Intranasal vaccination- This is live vaccine

  • Puppy – Administers single dose at the age of 3 weeks. For better results administer another dose after 4 weeks then every year.
  • Adult – Single dose followed by annual vaccination

Injectable vaccination

  • Puppy – 6-8 weeks of age then at the age of 10-12 weeks followed by annual vaccination


Cat Vaccination Perth

Vaccination Schedule – This may vary according to manufacturer, other needs


Kitten(<16 weeks)

Adult (>16 weeks)



Core Vaccines

  1. Feline Panleukopenia Virus
  2. Feline Herpes Virus
  3. Feline Calcivirus


1st dose at 6-8 weeks
2nd dose at 10 -12 weeks
3rd dose 14- 16 weeks

2 dose, 3- 4 weeks apart

1 year following the last vaccination

Every Year


Non Core Vaccine

  1. Feline Leukemia Virus – FeLV (killed)
  2. Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP)

2 dose, 3-4 weeks apart before 16 weeks of age

2 dose, 3- 4 weeks apart

1 year following the last vaccination

Every Year

Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV)

3 dose, 3-4 weeks apart

3 dose, 3-4 weeks apart



Chlamydophila felis

9 weeks12-14 weeks

3 dose, 3-4 weeks apart



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